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Three diversity club students relaxing outside.

Feeling a little nervous about striking out on your own this fall? Concerned about making new friends or finding that sense of belonging? Student clubs & organizations at Winona State University are a great way to get out, get active and start meeting new people who share your interests.

To help familiarize you with the many clubs and organizations at WSU, we will be spotlighting different clubs throughout the academic year, such as the Greek organizations and the Creative Commons Art Club.

In these spotlights, we will:

  • discuss what each club is about
  • address who can join
  • answer common questions
  • debunk myths surrounding the clubs

Whether you’re interested in joining one of WSU’s Greek organizations, immersing yourself in the arts or getting physical with some intramural sports, WSU has a student club or organization for you.

– Rebecca Lutz

Take a break. Enjoy Winona!

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As you make your way through registration week, don’t forget to give yourself a break. Take some time to get to know the community you’ll soon be a part of, whether it’s enjoying a leisurely stroll around the lakes or attending one of our local events.

Here are some events going on this week (as well as stuff that happens around Winona on a weekly basis) that may be of interest:

Performers rehearse "Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat".

Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat

Monday, Jun 20:
–free kayak and canoe rentals*
@ Lake Lodge 4 – 8pm
“Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”
@ Saint Mary’s Page Theater 7pm

Tuesday, Jun 21:
Food for Thought Book Chat
@ Winona County Historical Society 12:05pm
–free kayak and canoe rentals*
@ Lake Lodge 4 – 8pm
See and then Sip with Andrew Maus
@ MN Marine Art Museum 4 – 5pm
“Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”
@ Saint Mary’s Page Theater 7pm
Ultramarathoner and Author Marshall Ulrich Talk
@ The Book Shelf  7pm

Wednesday, Jun 22:
Cruise Night
@ the Lakeview Inn 6:30pm
–Winona Municipal Band concert
@ the Band Shell in Lake Park 8pm
–free kayak and canoe rentals*
@Lake Lodge 4 – 9pm (to enjoy the band muni band concert from the water)
Great River Shakespeare Festival 2011 season kicks off
“Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”
@ Saint Mary’s Page Theater 7pm
“The Raging Red” Talk by Ashley Shelby
@ MN Marine Art Museum 7 – 8pm

Snapshots of the Great River Shakespear Festival performers.

Thursday, Jun 23:
–free kayak and canoe rentals*
@ Lake Lodge 4 – 8pm

Friday, Jun 24:
Women’s Resources Center 15th Annual Tour of Gardens
@ 6 local gardens 9am – 3pm
–free kayak and canoe rentals*
@ Lake Lodge 4 – 8pm
Fine Artists of Southeast Minnesota 2011 Exhibition Opening
@ Watkins and Weber Galleries in Watkings Hall, Winona State University 6 – 8pm
Concerts on the Green: Rusty Swing Set
@ Band Shell in Lake Park 6:30pm

Pianist Andre Watts poses in front of a piano.

Andre Watts kicks off the 2011 Minnesota Beethoven Festival season.

Weekend Travelers:
–free kayak and canoe rentals*
@ Lake Lodge 6pm Sat & Sun
Concerts on the Green: Cafe Accordion
@ Band Shell in Lake Park 6:30pm
Concerts on the Green: Mike Munson
@ Band Shell in Lake Park 5pm
Minnesota Beethoven Festival kicks off Sun, Jun 26

*view the Park and Rec pdf page 7 for more information on kayak and canoe rentals

– Rebecca Lutz

I am crazy… crazy for this trip

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Saturday’s article in the Winona Daily News was absolutely wonderful! Jerome Christenson had it completely right that Winona has all but forgotten the amazing legacy of the first wave of Winona teachers while Argentina has never stopped forgetting or celebrating. Just recently I was using to start learning the “vos” form that is customarily used in Argentina and I became acquainted with a fellow living in Buenos Aires. On a whim I asked if he was familiar with Domingo Faustino Sarmiento and the American Teachers. To my surprise not only did he know who they were, he had also attended a Mary. O. Graham school as a child. This was a complete stranger! How cool. What an awesome legacy to be a part of.

I can honestly say that this is the most wonderful opportunity I have ever been given. The past ten hours have already been completely life changing in that I know that I am a forever traveler. Currently we are flying high above Latin America and all I can think is how hard I have worked since my junior year of high school learning Spanish and the various cultures that are a part. I have dreamt of a trip like this since I have become proficient in Spanish. I don’t think the trips of my dreams can even compare to this opportunity.

Since high school I have devoted much of my time to learning the language and the cultures of the people who speak Spanish and I have never looked back. I absolutely love every single piece of information I can get my mind wrapped around. Argentina is a culture I unfortunately do not know a whole lot about but I think that’s a good thing! I have so much to look forward to and so much to learn. For a culture and language junkie like me it doesn’t get much better than this. Solo espero que me hablen en Español.

I want to learn EVERYTHING I can while in Argentina. What do they eat? What music do they listen to? What types of things do they talk about? What do they think of us coming? What do they do for work? What is their city like? My list of questions is endless but I don’t even know where to begin! I am going to drink this whole experience in like a growing plant that has not been given water in a few days. I can’t even sleep!

I have my music turned up, all of it Spanish. Each Spanish speaking country is represented in my extensive iTunes library… The more Spanish I am exposed to now, the more ready I will be to forget my English for the few days I am away. Honestly though, I really don’t need music to be ready to speak only Spanish for any given amount of time. I have been waiting for this. Porfavor hablame en español!

Looking at the lights far below make me think of the people living beneath them. What are they like? Who are they? What are they doing now? Probably sleeping considering it’s close to 2:00am (12:00pm Winona, MN time.) All I wish is that I could be there… experiencing the life in their towns. I can hold out though, for Argentina. I will just have to make sure to start planning my next adventure immediately. But to which place? So many questions and I feel that 12 days (now 11) will not be nearly enough to answer all of them or even to scratch the surface of everything I want to know.

I have never traveled internationally before. Many people cannot believe this because of my strong love for the cultures and experiences of all the people I meet. Each new opportunity for me to learn about someone new is a way for me to feel more at peace with the world and myself. I love everything I have ever learned about my international friends and each and every one of them has convinced me to travel abroad, whether they realize that or not.

The world is a beautiful place because of all the cultural diversity that it holds. All I have ever known is the U.S. ways and I am extremely excited to be able to start learning, first hand, the culture of another. Who knows, maybe I won’t return. I’ve already warned my mother. I think she is expecting it from me.

Halfway there… halfway!


I don’t even want to sleep. I might miss something. I understand that we are super high above the world and nothing too interesting can happen on this flight but the people I have the potential of meeting! Why waste ever opportunity to get to know someone new? If I don’t sleep now, I will be too tired to pay attention to anything later. We are in the air now and I am excited about the lights below me… what am I going to be going to do when we are in a bus and the culture is going to be surrounding me? I am going to drown in the only substance that makes me happy. I cannot wait!

I started this out as a blog post, but clearly it has turned into something very, very different. I will just have to pick and choose the best passages of what I have written here. But how? I can’t even think of figuring out how to choose a picture or media file that perfectly fits what I am feeling right now. Or at all. Since Minneapolis I have been in a daze. In Atlanta, GA I still didn’t realize what was happening to me. Even still after seeing the lights in the distance I have no idea what to expect. My level of excitement is steadily growing.

I don’t even think I will be all that excited leaving the plane, or walking around the airport. Hasta que puedo ver el paisaje y mirar todo que hay en Argentina no voy a saber como estoy emocionada.

– Amanda Glunz

Life Changing Experience

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Nothing is more heart warming than to see a room full of people so happy just because your presence.  We may not have been in the classrooms as much as we wanted to or planned to, but to see their appreciation and enthusiasm when we were there could light up a room.

The first day in the school we observed the classroom to get a feel for what the environment was going to be like.  It wasn’t anything like what I was expecting.  It was so different from what I am used to in the United States.  The structure of classroom participation is completely opposite.  They go up to the teacher at the front of the classroom to tell her the answer rather than raising their hand and wait to be called on.  This scared me, but I was up for a challenge.

The second day in the classroom I gave my lesson about how to wash your hands.  I had them trace their hands on a piece of paper and we wrote on a poster the steps to clean hands.  Then we taped our cut out hands on the poster and hung it up in the classroom.  They were just so excited for me to be there.

The third day I taught them how to brush their teeth. I even brushed my teeth with them. I asked how many cavities they have and no response was lower than three.  This made me feel like I was doing such a great thing for them. They thought the toothbrushes donated by Dr. Lodding in Elgin, Illinois,  that already had toothpaste on them were the coolest things.  When we were done brushing our teeth we signed a card thanking Dr. Lodding.

I am so grateful for the education my parents have provided for me over my academic career.  So here is a Thank You to them! This trip has been a life changing experience and I can’t wait for the rest!

Kristina Brockner

Host Family Day and the Andes

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Honestly, there are no words to explain my experience in Argentina so far. But by writing this blog, it looks like I am going to have to try :).  We are in San Juan Argentia and I have never been to a place where all of the people go above and beyond to welcome you and make sure that you are enjoying your time. The people here have been the best hosts and friends to all of us!

I wish I could tell you all about our entire week here in San Juan (because I have been unable to blog everyday) but I will keep it short and tell you about our stay with the host families yesterday. Claire, Amelia, and myself went to our host family’s house and talked for a bit first. We showed them picture of our families and friends and they showed us their pictures. Then the mother brings out a box full of old, broken clay pieces and tells us their story. The family was hiking in the Andes one day and found all of theses pieces in a cave. They collected them and brought them back to the city to be examined by a specialist. They discovered out that what they had found was 2000 year old pieces of clay pots used by the ancient indian people living in the mountains. You could still see the faint paintings they had on them. We were so amazed at the pieces of history the family owned. Then the mother surprised us and told us we could pick a few pieces to bring back home!!!! I was overwhelmed and gracious. We then ate lunch, watched one of the daughters do a traditional dance with a fan from San Juan, and then went to the mountains.

We went to Lake Dieke that also contained a dam. The mountains surrounding the lake were beautiful! We learned that the water level was so low from the lack of snow coming from the mountains and it is a problem in San Juan. Winona is the exact opposite (maybe we should send them some of our snow). Then the family brought us to a resort next to the lake. Since it is winter in Argentina now, there were no people at the resort and the gigantic pool was emptied. But we still got to walk around and take pictures of the amazing Andes in the background. The scene was breath-taking.

We then had to return to our dorms and say goodbye to our host families. I really wanted to spend more time with them and learn more about San Juan. They were great hosts who welcomed us into their homes with open arms and it was a day I will never forget.

Winona girls with our host family daughters

-Megan Erickson

Top Five Places to Exercise Around Winona

April 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Trail Around Winona's West Lake

Trail Around Winona's West Lake

The snow has melted and spring is beginning to bloom with temperatures rising and the sun shinning bright. If you don’t want to be cooped up inside doing the same old thing running on the treadmill and want some variety of scenery, try these awesome spots to exercise. All of these local locations will show the picturesque nature and charming wildlife while soaking up some sun in the beautiful Winona.

1. Winona East Lake (About 4.0 miles)
2. Winona West Lake (About 1.3 miles)
3. Prairie Island Campground (About 3.4 miles)
4. Garvin Heights (About 5 miles)
5. St. Mary’s Campus (About 1.0 miles to 5.8 miles)

The Winona Lakes have beautiful views of the bluffs, some of the city and of course, the lake. This is nice because there are paved trails around the lake. Running from Kryzsko Commons across the bridge to Prairie Island Campground is a little more challenging with a few slightly sloped hills. If you are looking for a more challenging route, try going up Garvin Heights Road up to the Overlook. There are some beastly hills up to Garvin Heights. St. Mary’s University is also a great place to run because there are five trails to explore around that campus. If you are interested in running these routes, as well as many more around town, some maps of all the trails are provided at the Winona Visitor Center located in Huff Street between the Winona Lakes.

Chelsea Devereux

Senior Art Shows

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Come check out the senior seminar shows in Watkins Hall at Winona State University

Come check out the senior seminar shows in Watkins Hall at Winona State University

Hey everybody, I know most of you are pretty busy this time of year, but you should make an effort check out all of the senior art shows going on.

At the end of every semester, the Art Department and it’s graduating students put on a collection of different exhibitions that display what the students have learned throughout their years here at Winona State.  It’s always a treat to see what today’s artists are coming up with.  I know that they’re usually some of my favorite shows of the year.  Who knows, you might feel a closer connection to art because they actually live in your generation and are addressing today’s issues.

If nothing else, there’s usually free food, so you can chow down while you appreciate an artist’s hard work – food for thought.

Also, there are two galleries in Watkins Hall – the main gallery (Paul Watkins) is on the first floor, and the smaller gallery (Weber) is on the second floor near the Art Office.  Check out the Art Department’s schedule and come on over an check out the art of today.

Suzanne Smith

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