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Tests=Stress=Binge Eating: The IWC wants to help you with your finals time eating habits

With finals near on the horizon, I have found myself enjoying more nights studying with pizza, Hardees, Taco Bell or the ever faithful Wednesday wing nights. Feeling like I needed to make a change, I visited a nutritionist on campus who listened to what I was eating, when I was eating and how much I was eating. We discussed what I could do to help with my current dietary situation. I still get to go out and partake in those yummy cheap wing nights, but I now have set times when I should be eating those larger meals. I’ve been cutting down on how much I eat during my main meals, and in between every meal I’m trying to fit in a healthy snack like an apple or granola bar.

I have also found that (which is completely free!) helps me keep track of what I’m eating in a day. It breaks down how many calories I should be consuming of what types of foods and tells me the workout regime I should be trying to apply.

So…If you love eating your zesty ranch wings but are a little worried about how tight your pants are fitting, I recommend you visit the lovely nutritionists in the IWC for all your stressful eating weight gain problems. ☺

And don’t forget how awesomely HUGE the new workout portion of the IWC is!

Hours of operation, health information, and information on nutritionists is available at the Health Services website.

Julie McCloskey

Meet the Fitness Instructors!

Without further adieu, here are the fitness class instructors to get to know them better!

Winona State University fitness instructor Kayla Sellers

Kayla Sellers

Name: Kayla Sellers

Hometown: Austin, MN

Major/Minor: Elementary Education/ Coaching

Year: 4th Year Senior

What got you to teach WSU fitness classes?: I enjoyed going to the classes so much I thought I would try out to be an instructor.

Favorite Athletic Activity: Dancing or kickboxing. Anything that gets you up and moving.

Classes Taught: Power Hour and Kickboxing

Winona State University fitness instructor Emily Fischer

Emily Fischer

Name: Emily Fischer

Hometown: McHenry, IL

Major/Minor: Exercise Science major with a Nutrition minor

Year: Junior

What got you to teach WSU fitness classes?: I attended classes my freshman year at WSU and I loved it!  The classes were fun and challenging and I really looked up to the instructors teaching the classes.  So when I saw they need additional instructors I tried out for the position.  Also, with being an Exercise Science major, I could use some experience!

Favorite Athletic Activity: Running, Basketball, and Soccer

Classes Taught: Butt and Gut

Winona State University fitness instructor Salena Apikelis

Salena Apikelis

Name: Salena Apikelis

Hometown: Shoreview, MN

Major: Psychology

Year: Senior

What got you to teach WSU Fitness Classes?: I used to go to the classes all the time and I loved them! So when I heard they were having tryouts I figured I might as well try out since I knew all the routines by heart anyways. I was pretty nervous teaching my first class, but I really enjoy instructing.

Favorite Athletic Activity: Tennis and Canoeing

Classes Taught: Butt and Gut and TNT (Tighten and Tone)

Winona State University fitness instructor Chelsea Humpal

Chelsea Humpal

Name:  Chelsea Humpal

Hometown: Decorah, IA

Major/Minor: Cell and Molecular Biology with a Pre-vet scope

Year: Junior

What got you to teach WSU fitness classes?:  I attended some classes Freshman year and really enjoyed them.  I heard that they were holding interviews for a new yoga instructor and I jumped at the opportunity.  I really enjoy doing yoga so I figured why not share my passion with everyone through instructing.

Favorite Athletic Activity: Yoga of course! …and all other sports or outdoor activities!

Classes Taught: Yoga

Winona State University fitness instructor Laura Rusnacko

Laura Rusnacko

Name: Laura Rusnacko

Hometown: Shoreview, MN

Major/Minor: Nursing/Spanish

Year: Junior

What got you to teach WSU fitness classes? I love working out in a group – It makes exercise more fun!

Favorite Athletic Activity: Running & Dancing

Classes Taught: Kickboxing and Butt and Gut

Winona State University fitness instructor Hilary Johnson

Hilary Johnson

Name: Hilary Johnson

Hometown: Ellsworth, WI

Major/Minor: Special Education- learning disabilities and developmental disabilities

Year: Senior

What got you to teach WSU fitness classes? I saw a flyer in the dorms about trying out (when I was a freshman). I did and got the job!

Favorite Athletic Activity: This is hard…. I enjoy a lot of activities, but I love to dance!

Classes Taught: Butt and Gut
Not listed:  Blair with TNT and Butt and Gut Michelle with Yoga

Cassie Hanson

It’s Flu season. Are you prepared?

Don't let the flu bug you.

Don't let the flu bug you.

With the end of the semester drawing near so is that wonderful time of year where it seems as though everyone is sick.  Flu season is again upon us, so how can you avoid getting the nasty bug?  Flu shots, hand sanitizer, sleep and plenty of Vitamin C can definitely help your chances of avoiding a miserable couple of days.  It’s difficult to study when you’re sick, so before you decide to pull an all nighter, remember how beneficial a night’s sleep can be.  Confused by the difference between a common cold and the flu?  Cold symptoms include a runny nose, chest congestion and a sore throat that last for about a week while flu symptoms include muscle aches, fever, and some cold symptoms that are much more severe and come on more quickly.  Visit WebMD to learn all of the differences between a common cold and the flu and find out how Health Services can best help you feel prepared for many late nights of homework.Health Services has physician visits available free for students by appointment.

Health Services has physician visits available free for students by appointment.

Health and Wellness Services

Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 7:30am – 5pm
Tuesday 7:30am – 6pm
Every 3rd Saturday of the month 10am – 2pm
Phone: 507.457.5160
Location: IWC 2nd Floor

-Julie McCloskey


I Be Up in the Gym Just Workin’ on my Fitness!

The fitness classes in the new Integrated Wellness Center incorporate a new way to get your fitness on. These classes are put on by students themselves. UNBELIEVABLE HUH? Believe in what I say, because people can’t get enough of these classes! Instead of trying to push yourself on the treadmill or lifting weights on your own, the IWC fitness classes located on main campus are a totally great way to work out. Each class is an hour long, and guess what, they are FREE! Take advantage of this opportunity!

Some classes that are offered currently are:
•    Yoga
•    Butt and Gut
•    Kickboxing
•    TNT (Tighten and Tone)
•    Power Hour
•    And more in the making
Look out for more information from me on Instructor Bios, interviews with attendees, and other fun and upcoming facts with the Intramural Fitness classes!

Check them out on Facebook.

Fall Class Schedule:
3pm Yoga with Chelsea
4pm Power Hour with Laura
5pm Butt and Gut with Emily

4pm Butt and Gut with Laura
5pm TNT (Tighten and Tone) Salena
6pm Yoga with Chelsea
7pm Power Hour with Kayla

4pm TNT (Tighten and Tone) with Blair
5pm Butt and Gut with Hilary
6pm Butt and Gut with Salena
7pm Yoga with Michelle
8pm Yoga- Instructors will vary

5pm Butt and Gut with Hilary
6pm Yoga with Chelsea
7pm Power Hour with Kayla

5pm Butt and Gut with Hilary
6pm Yoga with Michelle
7pm Power Hour with Kayla

12pm Butt and Gut with Emily
1pm Butt and Gut with Blair

1pm Butt and Gut Instructors will vary
2pm Butt and Gut Instructors will vary

— Cassie Hanson

The IWC: Good for you, good for our planet, too

Have you noticed that the Integrated Wellness Complex is green? Not in actual color, but the building is earth friendly and energy efficient. The building is Winona’s first Silver Level LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rated building design. Compared to traditional facilities similar to the IWC, the design will reduce the building’s energy use by 30 percent.

Along with other efforts, Winona State has gained recognition as a “Green College”. For more information about the efforts, refer to the following article: Princeton Review Names Winona State University a Green College.

– Julie Lundquist

Integrated Wellness Complex Now Open!

Winona States new Integrated Wellness Center boasts an indoor running track around the perimeter of the gym.
A suspended track wraps around the gym’s perimeter in the IWC.

Over a year of construction later, the Integrated Wellness Center is finally open! The IWC is a great resource for the campus community.

  • Remember the long lines to get on the treadmills? There are now enough cardio machines to fill a small warehouse and most of them have their own personal TVs!
  • The weight room is huge and shares the first floor with a separate room where fitness classes are held.
  • Looking to find some new healthy eating habits? Nutritionists are available by appointment to go over what aspects of your life can be improved to become healthier.
  • Stressing about finals? Counselors are also available to help with psychological health.
  • Health physicians are available for appointments if you’re feeling under the weather, and there is a Pharmacy located at the bottom of the stairs from Health Services.
  • The best part of this new complex: ALL of its services are completely FREE! Just make sure you bring your student ID.

Fitness Center hours:
Monday-Friday: 6am – 10pm
Saturday: 10am – 4pm
Sunday: 2pm – 10pm

For more info on the IWC, check out the website.

Julie McCloskey

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