Review on WSU’s Skillet Concert

November 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

From the chalk advertisements to the booths giving out free tickets, I think all the students on WSU’s campus had heard about the big Skillet concert that debuted this last Thursday November 3rd.  And what a concert it was indeed!  McCowyn Gym was literally transformed into a rocker’s paradise, with a stage that featured a cat-walk, two huge projector screens, an awe-inspiring light display, columns of smoke, and of course, speakers turned to full-blast.  It was a bit overwhelming, especially for someone like me that’s never been to an actual concert before.  They featured multiple bands, including Disciple, Manifest, and We As Human before the grand finale – Skillet.  Also included was a hilarious dance contest between some talented members of the audience! 
But all jokes aside, I wanted to write what I liked and didn’t like about the Skillet concert.  I thought that the crew that set up the concert did a fantastic job creating a ‘concert-like’ atmosphere, including the stage, the lights, the special effects, and the sound.  It was extremely impressive.  But at the same time, I got overwhelmed very quickly when the show’s finale band Skillet came onto the stage and the concert was turned up another fifteen notches.  After three hours of hard-core rock from the other three bands, I was done-in and left early.  It probably didn’t help that I’m not really a huge fan of hard rock in the first place, but it was a good experience to hear something different out of my music genre comfort-zone.  I think one thing that could be improved upon was the long sermon that was held in the middle of the concert.  Whether you were of the Christian religion or not, I think most people just wanted to come for the music and for a good time, and so the long sermon felt a bit awkward and out-of-place in the middle of a rock concert. 
Overall, I’m glad I went and I think the whole of the WSU student body that attended thoroughly enjoyed themselves and left with ringing ears and no voice whatsoever.

McKenzie Kline

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