Are Online Classes For You?

August 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

It may be no surprise that in our technologically advanced era, WSU is offering more and more online courses. And while taking accounting or creative writing online may be tempting, online courses are not for everyone.

The following statements will help you to determine if online courses are right for you:

1. I am a responsible student. I do not need to be reminded about assignment due dates or dates for exams, and I know how to pace myself to get my studying/assignments done in time
Professors will generally give students a complete list of assignment due dates and exam dates in the course syllabus at the start of the course. After that, it is generally the student’s responsibility to remember to turn in everything and complete the exams on time.

2. I am willing to commit the time for an online course.
Online courses do not have set locations or times to meet, so it is the student’s responsibility to plan time to complete their coursework.

3. I have a reliable Internet connection, and I know where to get help in case something goes wrong.
The bonus to online courses is they can be done from virtually anywhere there is an Internet connection. This being said, students should be able to plan ahead for any issues that may result from faulty connections or other errors.

4. I will email my professor with any questions I have.
If you have a question about your online course, you need to email your professor. Professors understand how crucial communication is with an online course, and they will generally be checking their email every day to be sure they can provide the help you need to succeed in the course.

If these four general statements do not describe you, online courses may not be for you. For more information on online courses, refer to WSU Online.

– Rebecca Lutz

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