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On March 27th, 2011 at 6:00pm new members were inducted into NRHH.  What’s NRHH you ask?  Well it stands for the National Residence Hall Honorary, which is a group of students who represent the top 1% of students living in the residence halls.  Every year NRHH is in charge of recognizing outstanding accomplishments of students living on campus.  They participate in community service projects and conferences to represent WSU throughout the year.

2011-2012 WSU NRHH staff

2011-2012 NRHH (minus MiKayla Sanocki and Bridget Hoffmann who have ribbons around their necks, they’ll be graduating this spring)

COLORS. The colors of the honorary are blue and white. The blue symbolizes loyalty: loyalty to purpose and idea. The white signifies a blank page: a page on which a student writes the successes and experiences that fill their days in the residence halls.

SYMBOLS. The symbol for NRHH is a DIAMOND surrounding the letters of the organization and the three interconnected links, the chain of leadership.

  • Diamond:  the world’s most precious gem, signifies the value and beauty one finds in their residence hall experience.
  • 1st link: represents caring.  Leaders are people who care.  They are concerned about themselves and others, and are committed to making things better.
  • 2nd link: signifies dedication.  Part of the leaders commitment is the dedication to ideals and causes, which they display to others.  Dedication is an important part of involvement required to be truly effective leader.
  • 3rd link: represents participation.  True leaders participate fully in their academic pursuits, friendships, activities, and lives.  Leaders don’t sit on the sidelines, but are complete team players.

Together the unbroken chain symbolizes the never-ending leadership. As leaders we are inter-connected as caring and dedicated participants in the community which is Winona State University.

HISTORY. The National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH), was founded in 1954.  NACURH was formed as a result of a feeling that such an organization was needed to encourage the exchange of ideas and information.  NRHH is a service organization of NACURH which firmly believes in the value of student involvement in all capacities of life in the residence halls including educational, social, and recreational realms.  NRHH was established in 1964 to give recognition tooutstanding student leaders within the residence hall systems on their campuses, in their regions, and nationally.  Currently there are over 175 NRHH chapters nation-wide. NRHH is the only nation-wide organization dedicated to recognize this effort by students. NRHH chapters are organized locally on individual campuses.  Chapters are made up of 1% of the residence hall population or 20 students; whichever is greater.   Many chapters of outstanding leaders and university faculty and staff, hold socials, serve on housing committees, establish awards/scholarships and induct new members.


  • “IPPI” Chapter: Winona State University’s chosen name, which comes from Winona being on the banks of the Mississippi River.
  • Started in 1994
  • Membership Quota: 25 members
  • Membership requirements: GPA of 2.5 & have lived one semester and currently live in WSU housing.
  • Office Location: P-L basement

OFFICER DUTIES. President. Vice President. Treasurer. Historian. OTM Manager.


  • Preside over called meetings.
  • Act as official spokes person for the organization.
  • Submit an end of the year progress report with one copy sent to the National Honorary Office and one filed in the permanent files of the chapter.
  • Renew the chapter’s membership as a registered campus organization with the National Office through Residence Housing Association.
  • Shall act as the NRHH representative to all NACURH and MACURH recognized event meetings. If they cannot attend a substitute may be chosen at the discretion of the chapter.
  • Announce the officers newly elected for the next academic year. 

Vice President

  • Preside over called meetings in the absence of the president.
  • Responsible for planning and implementing the Floor Government Banquet and the Dean’s List Banquet.
  • Hold a minimum requirement of two social activities per semester for members.


  • Formulate a budget at the beginning of the year with the NRHH Executive Board, approved by NRHH, and revise it as necessary.
  • Provide itemized account for all transactions upon request.
  • Provide balance of account for the minutes.
  • Submit all financial records to the chapter advisor(s) at the end of the year.
  • Be the NRHH liaison to Collegiate Marketing (loft service).


  • Take minutes at called meetings; distribute the minutes and agendas to members.
  • Record membership of the WSU NRHH.
  • Create all necessary publicity/public relations for meetings and events.
  • Responsible for publishing at least one newsletter per semester that will be distributed to all members and all students living in on campus housing.

OTM (of the month) Manager

  • Promote and collect OTM’s for the WSU NRHH chapter.
  • Chair the OTM committee and submit OTM’s to the regional office.
  • Be responsible for preparation and distribution of Campus and Regional certificates for OTM nominees.
  • Run campus OTM meetings.

RECOGNITION. Every month, NRHH members are suggested to recognize individuals and programs that have contributed to making residence living enjoyable. OTMs are written at the campus level and then evaluated or “graded” at the campus, regional, and national levels. People who can be recognized include: advisors, organizations, community, executive board member, office/hall assistant, resident assistant, student, faculty, desk assistant, Chartwells employees/staff, etc.



  • Homecoming Week Events—Parade & Club Fair
  • Floor Government Banquet—Fall semester, honors staff, RHA members, and  floor government members.
  • Holiday Concert for the Hungry—Collect food, money donations, and usher
  • Dean’s List Banquet—Brunch style, spring semester, to honor residences who made the Dean’s List.



Visit the NRHH website for more information

New NRHH members for the 2011-2012 school year


Graduating NRHH members


Kayleen Nymeyer

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