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February 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

The friendly faces of the Student Support Services staff.

Student Support Services is one of my favorite offices on campus! When you’re struggling or just need a little extra help, they’re there for us, the students. Their goal is to help students graduate, and they deliver. The tutors qualify by completing their classes with either A’s or B’s in prior semesters. Therefore, they know exactly what you’re learning and what is expected of you in your classes.

I can speak from experience, I once was in the TRIO program when I needed assistance. When I started at Winona State University I struggled with some of my classes and decided to give the tutors an opportunity to help me. They not only helped me with the classes that I was struggling with, but they also taught me how to study and prepare myself for all my classes and exams.

When you enter the TRIO program, you decide which classes you need help with. A student tutor is assigned to help you with specific classes. You are allowed to receive help with more than one class at a time as well. You meet with the tutors in the Student Support Services office in the Library when you both have time in your hectic schedules to meet and then work together. Usually, a tutoring session consists of doing practice problems or scenarios, sifting through notes or studying for exams.
Don’t be embarrassed if you need help! There are many people that receive help from the TRIO tutors. The study atmosphere the office has set up for the students is great, so there is no need to be nervous about working one-on-one with the tutor. There are multiple tables in the room, and there will be other people working near you. It’s a relaxed atmosphere where you can talk with your tutor without being too loud or getting shushed. So don’t be shy, drop in Student Support Services and see how they can help you. But hurry because they are limited to how many people they can help!

– Karla Larson


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