Broken Laptop? Not a Problem!

December 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

IT at WSU can help with all your technology needs.

Winona State University is one of few universities to offer a laptop rental program. A full time student must rent a laptop and part-time students have the option to rent one, if they wish. A rental period is only two years long, meaning that you will get one when you start at WSU and one before your junior year! You can rent a PC or a Mac. When graduating, you can purchase your laptop for $25.

By renting a laptop from WSU, you are able to utilize the Technical Support Center where students, faculty and staff can go when they have problems or simply need assistance. Tech Support can provide services, such as the following:

  • Our Welcome Desk provides help desk assistance for computer related problems.
  • Our Walk-in Support area is where students, faculty and staff can receive assistance with hardware and software issues.
  • Our Hardware Repair area is a certified warranty repair center for laptop computers.
  • The e-Warrior Digital Learning Center provides computer skills training.
  • Users can call in for computer assistance to our telephone support.
  • The Technical Support Area is the center for media printing and laminating.

I am a senior at WSU and I can speak from experience, Tech Support has literally saved my life! I have gone through numerous laptops due to problems, issues or viruses that have been out of my control. Without tech support I don’t know what I would’ve done. They have assisted me by fixing issues and also by teaching me how to use programs that I need for classes. Paying the fees to rent the laptop and have the support behind the devices is saving me money instead of having to pay people to fix it or to purchase new laptops.

For more information, visit Tech Support on the web.

– Karla Larson

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