New Art at the Marine Art Museum

December 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

"Lake George, Autumn" by Georgie O'Keefe. Image courtesy of

I know that many of you have gone home for the holidays, but for those of you who are still around, there is a unique opportunity at Winona’s very own Minnesota Marine Art Museum.

Last month, the museum unveiled four new artworks that will be permanently displayed. One, “At Newport” by John F. Kensett, is a beautiful piece that depicts a large rock outcropping that almost seems to pull the viewer in the picture.  Another, “White Island Light – Isle of Shoals” by Fredrick de Haas illustrates a sturdy lighthouse braced against a stormy sea.  Yet another piece, which is very exciting, is “Home Assis” by Pablo Picasso.  It’s a fluid gestural drawing with very pleasing browns and blues integrated into the landscape and seated figure.  And Lastly, the museum has found a very rare drawing of a landscape called “Lake George, Autumn” by Georgia O’Keefe.  This is especially intriguing because she is typically know for her close ups of flowers.

I have been to the Marine Art Museum several times, but they are always changing the exhibits, so every visit is an new and intriguing experience. I will definitely be visiting the museum to see such artistic titans up close. We are incredibly fortunate to have an opportunity to see these works in our very own Winona!

On a side note, admission on Tuesdays is free and only $3 on the other days for students, and all you need is your student ID.  This makes for an extremely affordable outing.  Why wouldn’t you go?

Happy Holidays!

– Suzanne Smith

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