Get More at the Bookstore

December 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

The WSU Bookstore has all the necessary and desirable WSU gear for the busy student.

Finals are coming to a close, and with them ends Fall semester 2010. After all the studying, projects, assignments and discussions, what becomes of the textbooks? Also, where can a student plan ahead for next semester’s books? How about last minute, WSU themed Holiday shopping? That answers is the WSU Bookstore.

At this time of year, the bookstore does textbook buy-back. They will take your old (in some cases really old), used and unwanted textbooks and pay you for them. Now, instead of books collected dust on your shelf, you have collected money with your books.

The bookstore is also a great place to find any supplies you need (staples, pencils, that final Scantron, etc.) or things you may want (coloring books, reading books, knickknacks, etc.) for yourself or for others. And don’t forget the oodles of WSU themed apparel! And, for those who are always thinking ahead, Spring semester 2011 books are now available to purchase.

Take that one final visit to the bookstore on your way out, and have a safe and relaxing break!

– Rebecca Lutz

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