Strategies for Busting Test Stress

December 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

A pencil poised over a Scantron test sheet.
Without any flowery introduction, let’s get to the point: Next week is Finals Week, a very important time in a student’s life. It’s the time we find out how much we have learned, how far we have come during the past few months. More than being a test of knowledge, it is a test of endurance, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Here are some tips to help make Finals Week less stressful:

•    Take Breaks  – Trying to study everything in one giant chunk will only leave you frustrated, tired, hungry and agitated. One short break every 15 minutes or so will help wonders.

•    Study in Groups – Studying is groups is a wonderful way to keep yourself from becoming a hermit while learning at the same time: quiz each other, order in a pizza, use flash cards, etc.

•    Eat and Stay Hydrated – Finals does not equal fasting when it comes to nutrition. It is important to keep yourself well fed/hydrated. (Yes, I am substituting for your mother here.)

•    Get Sleep – Next to nutrition, getting plenty of sleep is a key ingredient in successful finals and a less stressful student. When it comes to test taking, you will have better success if you sacrifice that final hour of study the night before for an extra hour of sleep. This tidbit has been tested and approved by yours truly.

•    Reward Yourself – Plan a nice reward for yourself when Finals are over. You can plan a small reward after each final if you wish or just plan a nice big one for the whole shebang.

Keep these tips in mind next week as you head for Finals. There are many more great study ideas and tips on the web, such as the ones on the Sound Feelings website.

Stay healthy and good luck!

— Rebecca Lutz

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