Grown-ups Table

November 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

The close-knit group of friends you develop at WSU become like a second family.

The leaves have fallen, the pumpkins have been thrown out, snow floats in the air and the halls and sidewalks of Winona State University are oddly quiet. Finals week is fast approaching but for a few short days in the end of November students are on a holiday break for Thanksgiving. At this stressful part of the semester nearly all students at Winona State travel home to spend time with family and friends. Each year I travel to the Chicago to visit my Grandma and spend time with my family. In between stuffing my face full of turkey and watching football I did a little reflecting on what my family means to me.

Much like a minor league baseball player being moved up to the MLB I have been moved from the “kids table” to the “grown-up table” for the Thanksgiving feast. Being moved up creates a feeling of needed reflection for now Thanksgiving break should mean more that just a break in school. In my reflection I noticed similarities between my biological family and my Winona Family.

As a student at Winona State you will quickly discover that those who you live with and attend class with become a close-knit group, much like that of a family:

  • First off you have your siblings: these are your roommate and others on your floor, you being to know everything about these people, from when they brush their teeth to how many hours of sleep they get a night. These Winona “siblings” are usually always up for getting into mischief with you and staying up playing video games than your mother would approve of.
  • Parents…ahh yes parents. Is it just me or did everyone’s parents have eyes in the back of their head? Being the mother of three boys my mom grew quite accustomed to children causing trouble. Although she put a stop to our devious plans she was always there to help us when we had fallen down. No one can come close to a parent but you can always talk to your RA (Resident Assistant) about anything. RAs also seem to know exactly when devious behavior is going to take place.
  • Grandparents, holders of infinite knowledge, these are our upper classmen. Upper-classmen have usually gone through much more difficulty to graduate than we will ever know. Back when they were freshmen at Winona State they did not have things such as the Digital Life and Learning Program or the Warrior Hub.

Many other similarities can be made but term papers and projects call my name, I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving break.

Leave a comment about your favorite Thanksgiving tradition!

–Neal Peterson

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