Looking for a Good Time? Why Wait. (No Pun Intended)

November 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

…When just around the corner your RHA Council is enthused to make sure you have a smashing time living in your Resident Hall.  What is RHA you ask?  It stands for Resident Hall Association (RHA).  Well, I bet you just thought, “Okay, big deal? What the heck is that?”  RHA consists of students just like you who want to make a difference in your living experience within the campus resident halls!

The Resident Housing Association poses for a group photo

Resident Housing Association: All of the councils from each building (including the executive board) at the Fall Informal Dance, Glow Out!

That’s why each month they entertain you with a program having either a social, educational, diversity, and/or service background.  These programs can range from bracelet making to pageants and from photo scavenger hunts to making scrumptious delicacies.  There are seven councils: New Hall/Center, Prentiss-Lucas, Morey-Shepherd, Sheehan, West Campus, East Hall, and the Executive board within the Winona State Campus so let’s take a look at the different ways they add pizzazz to your Campus-living-experience!

A college collage of fin times at Winona State residence halls.

College Collage: Pictures in correspondence with events each RHA Council found was successful. There are six sections, one for each council (not including the executive board). I asked the secretaries of each council to provide an event they each found beneficial and/or successful, below are descriptions of each event and possibly highlights or what made their event a triumph.

1) West Campus

West Apple Fest:
-RHA worked with the RA’s to put together this event filled with games and many food involving apples.

-This program was during family weekend and was a great opportunity to show parents that there are fun activities their children can attend throughout the academic school year and also great for students to meet others from the campus.


2) East Lake

Pumpkin Palooza:
-Residents were given one hour to paint mini pumpkins and come up with their best creation.

-When the time was up the pumpkins were judged, on creativeness and overall appeal.

-Those who created the top three pumpkins received subway gift cards as prizes.

-There were pumpkin shaped cookies to help encourage residents to participate.

-This event was meant to continue to build the social relationships of East Lake residents.  The living situation is much different than the traditional res. hall so getting residents out of their rooms is one of our biggest priorities.


3) New Hall

Diverse Pizza:
“New Hall/New Center hall council’s favorite program so far this year was “Diversity Pizza.” For this program, we had many different toppings from around the world that we used to make bagel pizzas. Each person that came chose from over 20 toppings to create their own unique bagel pizza with their favorite toppings or even dare to try some new ones. While we were cooking the bagel pizzas, everybody was able to socialize and learn what toppings came from which countries. This program went well because a lot of people came to it and had fun while learning about other countries and enjoying pizza together.” –Brianna Pearson, Secretary of New Hall


4) Morey-Shepherd

Where’s Waldo:
“For the event, residents embarked on a scavenger hunt with a list of specifications that required them to use their imagination and creativity around Winona. In order to complete the objectives successfully, they had to take photos of themselves involved in such requisites as “Something Scary,” “Defying Gravity,” and even “A Juxtaposition.” More notably amongst these interactive obligations, the participants scrambled across campus to find Waldo.  While still providing somewhat of a challenge, the contestants had a lot of fun trying to ascertain Waldo’s location, as well as accomplish the other tasks within the time limit.  Once everyone had returned, we viewed each set of photos through a slide show on a projector in one of our hall’s lounges. We dispensed a variety of treats and Halloween goodies for munching while the show progressed…we made a difference in promoting community involvement. We’d developed something sensational, and I think we look forward to our next event with the same anticipation. ”-Steven Gottsacker, Secretary of Morey-Shepherd

5) Prentiss-Lucas

Mr. Prentiss:
“This is a pageant for all of the guys that live in Prentiss. It is a hilarious show where the contestants will be judged in a talent and question/answer categories.  Everyone who chooses to come must bring a canned food item and the winner of Mr. Prentiss gets to choose where the food will be donated. The winner will also get their picture in the P-L lobby, gets to ride our float for Homecoming, and gets a gift card. We are not basing any judging off a person’s appearance, just how outgoing and creative they are. It’s always rewarding to know that a program you put on was successful, but to see the faces of the boys after the show made all the work 100% worthwhile. I’m glad we can be actually making a difference in our community through RHA.” -Winnie Jaworski, President of Prentiss-Lucas

6) Sheehan

Babes, Braids & Bracelets:
“The program was a huge hit! Everyone loved the bandanna bracelets, they were gone within the first hour and the string bracelets were a hit too! The girls all seemed to have a great time socializing, laughing, making bracelets, meeting new people, eating snacks, and watching The Little Mermaid.  We also made fact sheets with information containing cultural facts regarding friendship bracelets.” –Laura, Vice President of Sheehan

You can’t tell me that doesn’t look like a good time!  Make sure to take notice to the signs around your hall so you can become more involved and meet some pretty cool people in your hall you may have never known if you wouldn’t have supported your RHA Council.  And look out for events that will be held all throughout next semester, I promise after you hang out with us you won’t want to stop:

the Winona State RHA Council poses for a goofy photo.

RHA Council: “Just be Goofy”— photo again taken at the Glow Out.

On behalf of the RHA Council we all yearn for you to love the resident life!  If there’s anything we can do OR if you have any ideas for events don’t be afraid to contact us, you too can make a difference! ☺

Email us your ideas.
Check us out on Facebook.
Also, check out our homepage.

Kayleen Nymeyer

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