Closing in on Finals

November 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

The dreaded Study Zombie takes over the brain as Finals approach.

The dreaded Study Zombie takes over the brain as Finals approach.

Finals are a difficult time. We just finished with end of the term projects, presentations and papers. And now we have to recall all we’ve learned and take that one final test (per class, of course). When we’re absolved in studies, it is easy to forget that our bodies have needs. Along with taking regular breaks and getting good sleep, it is also important to stay nourished so you don’t become a Study Zombie.

One of my favorite snacks is low-calorie (for those who count) and delicious. And, the best part is, you can personalize it to fit your own needs (or wants). And it simply consists of your choice of cracker, spread, salsa and garnish.

Your choice of cracker?
Make sure you like it.
Remove a healthy portion of crackers (3 or so) from the package onto a dish/napkin/serving plate.

I use: 3 Breton multigrain crackers.

Your choice of spread?
This spread could be anything, such as a cheese spread. Use anything that you like.
Apply a modest portion of spread to each cracker. Do not put on too much spread.

I use: 1 of the wedges in a package of Laughing Cow cheese wedges.

There is enough cheese in one of these low calorie wedges to spread across the 3 large Breton crackers.

Your choice of salsa?
This must be a salsa, your choice of type, kind and degree of spiciness.
Add a small spoon-full of salsa atop the spread on each cracker. Too much salsa will drown out your spread instead of enhancing it.

I use: a store brand medium salsa.

Fresh or dried garnish herb (like parsley)?
If you choose fresh parsley or another fresh herb, just a few sprigs will do for garnish. Dried garnish herbs will also work.
Add your sprigs or dash some dried herb onto the top of your creation.

I use: dried parsley flakes.

Enjoy your snack, and get to studying. Just don’t become a Study Zombie!

-Rebecca Lutz

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