November 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

Ever wonder what you miss on the weekends when you go home?  Well, if you went home this past weekend you missed out on $3 Bowling Night at Westgate Bowl!

On Saturday Nov. 12, UPAC (University Programming Activities Committee) hosted the $3 Bowling Night.  It started at 11pm and went until 1 am!  The $3 cost covered everything from the shoes to three games and finally as much soda as you could drink.  It was a blast!

UPAC holds many other activities throughout the year such as Concerts, $3 Movie nights, Glee night, and much more!  Follow the link below to see what UPAC is hosting next!

Winona State Student bowls.

As the night progress, the black lights came on and people got to bowling!


To see what UPAC is up to next, follow UPAC’s Facebook page.

To find out more about what UPAC does, visit UPAC’s website.

For information about Westgate Bowl, visit Westgate Bowl online.

Kacy Kuscienko

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