Happy Halloween!

October 29, 2010 § Leave a comment


The famed candy bowl of Somsen 211 sports its Halloween flare.

With Halloween just around the corner (and a few ghouls hiding around the corner too, no doubt), the air around campus is chilly in more ways than one. Some students sport their costumes in light of the holiday despite the nippy weather. Others go about their usual lives on campus. But there is a noticeable vibe in the WSU air when Halloween rolls around. After all, it is the season for mountains of candy.

But, what about the other 11 months and 30 days of the year? Halloween is the only, unique day where strangers will freely give you a little piece of happiness (meaning candy, of course). Lucky for WSU students, there is Somsen 211, the Office of Academic Affairs, home of a fantastic candy bowl.

Many fine and friendly people contribute to filling this bowl, which offers visitors Halloween quality candies all year round. The candy bowl has so many adoring fans, that the mail room awarded Academic Affairs their own “Office of the Year” award for being exceptionally friendly and for having a great candy bowl. Anyone can stop by, say hello, and grab a bite-sized piece of bliss. And during finals week, there’s nothing like munching a Snickers bar for comfort.

Once the Halloween thrills are past, keep in mind that Somsen 211 can help satisfy that occasional sugar craving. Have a safe and happy Halloween, and don’t forget to brush your teeth!

– Rebecca Lutz

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